Rumors have been flying regarding Boosie Badazz' condition following his shooting this weekend. On social media, there was talk that the rapper could possibly be having his leg amputated, due to complications caused by his pre-existing diabetes. Thankfully, that much does not appear to be true as TMZ has heard from sources close to the rapper that, while he has had two surgeries since the weekend, he will not require amputation.

The latest update surrounding Boosie's condition is promising. According to TMZ, Boosie is out of the hospital following his shooting this weekend and he will not require his leg to be removed.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Boosie reportedly had two surgeries, one to remove bullet fragments and another to insert some screws into his foot to ensure it heals properly. While his diabetes was discussed during his hospitalization, it was reportedly only to fix some things about Boosie's pre-surgery diet. 

Apparently, Boosie was unsure if he wanted to follow through with the surgeries, taking over twenty-four hours to decide. That could be why there has been a lack of updates on his condition. 

The rap star is currently back home after having left the hospital on Tuesday. He is reportedly in a lot of pain since the gunshot wound is close to his knee. It will likely take six weeks for him to get back on his feet.

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Rest up, Boosie. We're glad to hear you've still got both your legs!