Boosie Badazz is no stranger to being caught in the middle of other people's antics. Earlier in the year, the Baton Rouge rapper explained how he was once mistaken for Flavor Flavin at a mall, a comparison he did not entirely find amusing. Flav himself didn't find it all that funny either, eventually growing sick of the constant comparisons

In perhaps a more severe case of mistaken identity, a woman named Kirsten Siburt took to TikTok on Monday (June 7) to claim she "hooked up" with the rapper when they met backstage at his concert, later becoming pregnant and giving birth to a baby girl. Luckily for Boosie, however, the paternity drama has been quickly settled after she rescinded the claims. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

"To the rapper I Hooked up with last summer after the show," she wrote over a picture of herself posing with the Baton Rogue native. She added that she later became pregnant with his child whom she claimed to have his eyes, sharing pictures of her daughter. "She has your eyes," she wrote. 

She subsequently declared her love for the 38-year-old rapper, who is the father of eight children with six different women, on her Instagram page.  "My baby Lil Boosie love of my life," she alleged. 

The story quickly surfaced around the net, swiftly prompting Siburt to backtrack on her claims. Siburt, who also runs an OnlyFans page, reposted a headline of her false claims and simply added, "It was a joke."

While Boosie himself has yet to comment on the matter, many fans are waiting for the outspoken rapper to, "cuss her out so I can laugh." Others weighed in on the fact that it was obvious the story was made up, noting, "Y'all take tik tok too seriously."

Regardless, it's a good thing this battle was over sooner than it even began.