Boosie Badazz is a man of many talents, ranging from rapping to speaking frankly in a world where cancellation looms at every corner. Yet in a surprising twist of fate, Boosie has revealed his most unexpected ability thus far -- which is to say, his harmonious relationship with the animal kingdom.

Boosie Badazz

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Evidently, Boosie recently found himself taking to the waters to swim with the dolphins, where he had the advantage of possessing an Animal Planet subscription following his big dip. As he tells it, he learned that playing possum would awaken the dolphin's protective instincts, prompting the lovable creature to do its best to save the day. Curious to fact-check the claim, Boosie did exactly that, feigning dead until the dolphin sprung into action. Needless to say, the trainee was impressed with the rapper's move, claiming him to be the first to ever attempt such a feat.

"I played dead, and the dolphin pushed me to safety," marvels Boosie, showing off a picture of the experience. "I was the first one to ever do this. The man said I was the first one to ever do this. I watched the animal channel before I went over there, and if you play dead, a dolphin will push you to safety. And look at this muthafuckin shot! Bury me with the dolphins bitch! Yeah! He pushed me to safety, he thought I was dead!"

Though the game previously thought Action Bronson to be the resident dolphin whisperer, perhaps Boosie could give him a run for his money. Check out his commentary on his amusing and surprisingly educational experience below.