Anybody even remotely familiar with Baton Rouge icon Boosie Badazz understands that he marches to the beat of his own drum, unwilling to compromise for anybody. It's the same reason he seems to hold 2Pac Shakur in such high regard -- prior to his passing in 1996, Pac embodied the "Thug Life" mentality, one that informed both his music and his character. It's the reason so many rappers still see 2Pac as a role model, one who encompasses the authenticity that so many strive to achieve. 

Boosie Badazz

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

On what would have been Pac's 49th birthday, Boosie joined the chorus of hip-hop personalities paying tribute to the late rapper, revealing that he still considers the California pioneer to be the greatest of all time. "#HAPPYGDAY TO THE GOAT," begins Boosie, alongside an iconic picture. "#PAC U RAISE ME N**GA ‼️LOVE U N**GA ‼️SALUTE U NI***A. SEE YOU N THUG MANSION." 

It's not the first time that Badazz has celebrated Pac's legacy. In December of 2017, Boosie dropped off his BooPac album, explaining to XXL that "A lot of people didn't grow up on 2Pac. He affected me in a way where he made me want to rap and tell my story. He wasn't afraid to talk about what I went through. So 2Pac was a heavy influence on my career as far as me wanting to not fabricate my story, me wanting to really rap about what I really went through.”

Happy birthday to 2Pac Shakur, who has proven his longevity and impact time and again.