Sorry To Bother You did not earn any Golden Globe nominations this year. The film does not appear as a contender for Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) list and its director, Boots Riley wasn't considered for Best Director either.

The filmmaker commented on the snub via social media. Although he has already been met with resistance from the industry in regards to his creation, Riley is still upset.

"F**k it. I'm not going to act like I'm not disappointed. But I do realize that to have been in a position to get my hopes up and be let down is what I call a good problem."


The film's lead actors, Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson, were also excluded from the nominations for their roles. Sorry to Bother You is still critically-acclaimed, garnering nominations for other entities of cinema, including two Independent Spirit Awards for Best First Feature and Best Screenplay.

Boots Riley is also dishing out his own dismissals as he is being offered a multitude of professional opportunities.

“The amount of scripts I’ve gotten since Sorry To Bother You that are like, ‘The studio says it’s the movie for you!’ …And it’s ‘Insert hit title here 2. I’ve already had to pass up my ‘$100m for five years’ thing a few times since Sorry To Bother You. I’d rather do the stuff I wanna do, you know? And I will.”