Of the many cosmetic surgeries available, millennial and Gen-Z circles are flocking to one in particular: the Brazilian butt lift (or BBL). The operation, which involves removing excess fat from the hips, thighs, or stomach and transferring that to reshape the butt, has become a point of interest for young people, and even celebrities. Well, it seems that the fad is wearing out its welcome as more and more issues arise from the controversial surgery. Dr. Terry Dubrow, known for his work healing those with cosmetic surgery mishaps on the show "Botched", held nothing back during an interview with TMZ, calling the surgery "the most fatal operation there is" and strongly advising those interested to stay away from it.

Dr. Terry Dubrow

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

“It’s extraordinarily dangerous. It turns out that it’s the most dangerous, not only plastic surgery procedure, it’s the most dangerous operation there is with the highest fatality rate," the famed surgeon said. The surgeon, who continues to advocate for safe and healthy cosmetic surgery outside of his show, made news a few years ago after warning Cardi B against frequent appointments under the knife.

Dubrow continued to cite the specific risks of the surgery. "The problem is there’s these very small, little veins in the buttock that leads directly to the vena cave, which is the major blood vessel that brings blood back from your body to your heart, to your lungs. If you get fat in those little vessels and it gets in the main vena cava and goes to your lungs, it’s over," he continued. 

The surgery carries a financial burden, as well. The cheapest of establishments offering the operation have a minimum price of $10,000 and patients often have to travel long distances to see a surgeon who offers it.

Dr. Dubrow is highly respected in his field, so those who may be looking into the surgery may want to take his advice to heart. In the interview, he suggests alternatives like regular exercise to achieve similar results. 

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