Bow Wow fans were frustrated when Greenlight 6was nowhere to be found on its release date. The rapper had teased the project's tracklist in April, hyping up his following to swift disappointment. After going through a series of challenges, including a virtual breakdown in which he claimed to be retiring from music, it seems like Shad Moss might be closer to dropping his new mixtape.

New cover art along with an updated tracklist was made available on social media for a couple of hours. A picture of a young Lil Bow Wow pissing while holding a trophy behind his back serves as the list's background. A number of tracks have been added such as "Don't Watch My Pockets" which seems to feature members of Bone Thugs. It also includes a bonus track called "Longtime", a collaboration with Migos in addition to Jermaine Dupri as a producer. A selection of songs was scrapped as well. Bow Wow's feature with Kiyomi "Relationship Goals" didn't make the cut for reasons that are likely personal.

Andrew Toth/Getty Images 

Here's the full list (typos included):

1. Mama Worried
2. That Boy Ft. Kenny Muney
3. Dumb Rap
4. Back On My Dick Ft. Soulja Boy & Trill Sammy
5. Jay-Z
6. 1st Night
7. 69 Ft. Jacquess
8. Henny Ft. Dondria
9. Slop Me Up Ft. Kap G
10. Does He Tough You Ft. The WEEKND (Sample)
10. Fuck My Ex B*tch
11. Broken Heart
12. Don't Watch My Pockets Ft. Bone Thugs
13. Come Smoke With Me
14. GOAT
Bonus Track. Longtime Ft. Migos Produced By Jermaine Dupri