Wherever you turn on the internet, there are people making fun of Shad Moss, A.K.A Bow Wow. The man has made some questionable decisions over the years and fans have reminded him of those efforts at every single turn. Whenever he is in the presence of someone of the opposite sex, the woman is questioned over why she would choose Bow Wow. We don't condone these remarks as it begs the question, "what has Bow Wow ever done to you?"

Regardless, the internet loves to get their jokes off and with this latest string of Instagram videos, it seems like they have even more fodder. In the two videos below, Bow Wow can be seen dancing and putting his hands all over Tommie Lee of Love And Hip-Hop: Atlanta. 

These clips have given folks on the internet pause as there have been rumors circulating that these two are an item. Tommie Lee has been quick to shoot down these rumors although Bow Wow has been silent on the issue. Considering these videos took place in Miami, there are many out there who see this as a confirmation that something deeper is happening although no one truly knows for sure.

Either way, this could certainly make for a great storyline on LHHATL.