Fans were excited to Bow Wow and Omarion co-headline The Millennium Tour 2020, but unfortunately, their plans were derailed due to COVID-19. The pandemic may have placed a pause on their tour but their admirers were still hoping that the pair of artists would still hit the booth to work on a follow-up to their 2007 collaborative album, Face Off. It's unclear if that's still in the works, but Shad Moss did sit down with Ebro in the Morning where he discussed his legacy, being considered a GOAT, and his final album before shifting to make business moves.

"I've been working since I was 13. I'm 34," said Bow. "Imma end it at, this phase in my career I'm finally gettin' my roses and everybody is considering me to be somewhat of a GOAT from my time period and legend and all of this. For me to show cats that I didn't have to drop a single in eight years and do no music and I'm back in these arenas that Drizzy is selling out all these guys is in and it's 20,000 a night, it's ridiculous. It's unheard of."

Bow Wow added that although he can be clowned one week or "do some corny sh*t," people still flock to see him perform. He shared that fans can look forward to him releasing a song about his son soon before he announced his retirement. "Imma say it, Imma do one more album Ebro," said the rapper. "It's gon' be the last one and it's gon' be called Before 30."

"Imma have Snoop narrate the whole thing," he said of the Long Beach legend who he started out with in the rap game. "It's a different project. Ten songs... Imma give it to 'em one time and the album is called Before 30'cause everything that I've accomplished, I've seen it before 30."

Watch his full interview below.