Bow Wow found himself in hot water over the weekend after he performed inside of a packed club in Houston. Now, that typically wouldn't be a problem but we're in the midst of a global pandemic, and having that many people in a club, especially without masks, will likely turn it into a super spreader event.

Over the past few days, Bow Wow has been clashing with the Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner because he feels that he's being singled out. Bow Wow pulled out the "what about"-isms after fellow MCs also hosted their own events without facing backlash. That isn't entirely true but between his recent yacht flex and the infamous #BowWowChallenge, the former 106 & Park host has consistently put himself in a position to be scrutinized. And by engaging in a back-and-forth with the mayor on Twitter, he evidently proved this to be true, once again. 

"Safe to say the mayor of Houston hates my guts. I cant believe I get the blame for a whole weekend. This is ridiculous," Bow Wow tweeted, only to receive a response from Sylvester Turner who failed to use the correct Twitter handle. "Let me very clear. I don't dislike @BowWowPromoTeam. While the city is in the midst of this pandemic nearly 2000 infected and 17 dying yesterday, this is not the time for concerts," Turner replied.

Ultimately, Bow Wow came to terms with the responsibility he carries for performing, though he admits he didn't even get a bag for the drama that all of this caused. In his apology, he explained that he solely performed a single verse, returned to his section where he was seated with a mask. 

"I apologize if I did anything wrong. I love the city of Houston. I consider it like a 2nd home. A place I go to one my free time," he tweeted." Sorry to the mayor for any confusion. I understand the time we are living in so I apologize." Still, Bow Wow explained he felt that he was being unfairly treated since it was the only clip to go viral while some of his rap peers also held performances in the city. 

At the end of the day, Bow Wow and the Mayor of Houston officially patched things up after their Twitter spat. God bless both of 'em.