Bow Wow seemed to be over his past relationship with model and aspiring artist Kiyomi Leslie. He was spotted with an unnamed cutie shortly after their breakup was announced and even vowed to remain single for the rest of his life. The rapper is now backtracking on those statements with his latest declarations of love destined for his ex-girlfriend.

Shad Moss, who is known to be unabashedly open with his personal experiences on social media, published a couple of tweets expressing his desire to be reunited with Kiyomi. The series to tweets were prompted by a fan who asked him why he hasn't rekindled the relationship yet. According to Bow Wow, a reconciliation wouldn't be possible since she "hates" him. 

Another fan chimed in with an opposite opinion, asking how Shad was ever able to deal with this "insecure" woman. The broken-hearted bachelor clapped back with the quickness: "I love her! We almost had a child together f*ck you mean!" He responds to other tweets asking his following to "tell her to come home" and qualifying her as "the only woman I love."

Ultimately, he uploaded a photo of the former couple to express how he misses the relationship they had together.