Bow Wow and Angela Simmons have been close for years, even kicking off dating rumors for the last few years. While they maintain the fact that they're just friends, fans are hoping they'll reconsider their relationship and take things a step further. 

Both Bow Wow and Simmons grew up in the spotlight as child stars and, to this day, they remain close. They're both starring on Growing Up Hip Hop and, on a recent episode, Simmons took a trip to Bow Wow's house. She ended up setting off the security system, which she denies, but Bow is roasting her ass for it, literally.

BOW WOW Angela Simmons
John Ricard/Getty Images

"Hey! Stop knocking like you're the damn feds," called out the rapper before explaining that she set off his house alarm. "You know why that's going off? That ass. That ass set that shit off. That's how powerful your ass is."

Angela Simmons posted the comical exchange to her social media pages to promote the episode, and Bow Wow jumped in to claim once more that she was responsible for the alarm.

"Hey hey what can i say [peach emoji]," he commented. 

Have a look at the video below and tune in tonight to see what happens.