The internet will never stop making fun of Bow Wow. In the past, he's been accused of stretching the truth online, editing himself into luxurious photos and straight-up lying about other stuff. The man has had a few meltdowns in the last couple of years but he's been relatively tame in recent months. Shad Moss knows that the public is out to get him but he keeps his head screwed on tight, refusing to shut down after the viral Bow Wow Challenge. He's still getting invited to all of the hottest events in the country and, this weekend, he was part of the prestigious opening of Tyler Perry's new studio. He noted that, after attending the gala, his price has officially gone up again but some people just aren't feeling him or his braggadocious efforts to show off.

"After this tyler perry party i just witnessed... pls don't include me in anything regular or basic any more. I was hanging will [sic] bill clinton. The price just just [sic] went up," wrote the rapper/entertainer on Twitter. Out of all the folks that were present at the party, he chose to shout out Bill Clinton, which left a bad taste in people's mouths. After all, people like Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, and freaking Tyler Perry were there too! 

Fans and peers of the artist aren't entirely feeling Bow Wow's account of the party with Love & Hip-Hop's Milan Christopher telling him via The Shade Room's repost that his "IQ obviously went down." 

Do you think people are too hard on Shad?