Bow Wow has always been one to flex his athletic prowess from time to time and recently, Antonio Brown gave him the opportunity to do so, or at least offer the chance to do so. Brown has been training to get himself ready just in case an NFL team comes calling and today, he dropped two videos on Instagram showing people what he does best. In both videos, Brown is cooking the defenders as he shows off his elite route-running.

Shad Moss immediately took notice of this and went into AB's comments with a bit of a challenge. Yes, that's right, Bow Wow wants the smoke with an NFL wide receiver. As he explains, he could easily give Brown a run for his money.

"See like i told you... u wouldnt have done me like that," Bow Wow wrote. "Bump and run on u all day and if u think about beating me running a deep route ima be right on ur hip bro. LOCK DOWN!"

Brown didn't respond to the challenge and honestly, there probably isn't a need to. The wide receiver would turn Bow Wow into dust pretty instantaneously although realistically, we would love to see it. If this were to actually happen, there would absolutely have to be cameras turned on. We would never want to miss out on something so meme-worthy.