Kanye West's recent statement has lost him a lot of support among many of his core supporters, specifically his statement on slavery. This has ultimately resulted in a campaign to cancel Kanye West. However, he's still keeping afloat and in all honesty, this seems like a ploy to build the hype up for his forthcoming projects. However, perhaps if it wasn't Kanye West saying it, it would result in even bigger backlash. Bow Wow believes that if he were the one to say it, he may not be with us anymore.

Earlier today, someone tweeted, "Literally take everything Kanye said and replace it with bow wow.. Can you imagine lmaooooooooooo." Bow Wow later found the tweet and quoted it, "Id be DEAD BY NOW!!!!" While maybe it wouldn't be that drastic but the backlash he would receive would likely be much bigger than Kanye's.

The rapper recently addressed the media and critics alike on social media for constantly coming after him. He took to Twitter to address his fans for not standing by him when people and the media speak ill on his name. His feelings about his fans loyalty to him seemed to have some sort of relation to an alarming tweet he sent out a few months back. "Sometimes i wish i wasnt here..." he wrote on Twitter before revealing the name of his forthcoming album, Edicius which is the word "suicide" spelt backwards.