After sharing his secret to looking so young at the age of 32, Bow Wow is back to advising his fans on how to improve their lives. Much like last time, his secret to keeping a woman happy is probably not so shocking. While he may have spent much of the year worrying his fans with apparent cries for help and troubling tweets, Bow Wow seems much happier as opposed to a few months ago, lifting his spirits with his girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie by his side. Divulging his top four steps to keeping a woman satisfied, Shad Moss' fourth method is the most telling. After all, it was exactly how he said he stays so young.

You guessed it, ladies and gentlemen. According to Bow Wow, the secret to keeping your girl is "great sex." He's not entirely wrong either as sex is a major part of any romantic relationship. In case you were wondering, the rapper and entertainer's first three steps were attention, affection and appreciation, much tamer than his final step. Bow Wow shared his secrets with a photo of his girlfriend leaning in for a kiss. 

The couple has shown to be a good match for each other, showing off their connection on their respective social media pages. We can't help but notice that Shad left money out of his list. What do you think of his steps? Is there anything you would add?