The latest installment of BET's Rate The Bars has Bow Wow getting cornered into a confessional. At first the the production team has him read off lyrics from Trippie Redd's "In Too Deep," constituting a generally positive 3.9 rating. 

"In too deep like a bottomless hole
Change my number just like summer clothes
If you slime, then wipe your fucking nose
Keep a Glock, I never trust a hoe."

Cam'ron's bars from "Get It In Ohio" fooled him into thinking he was listening to a person native to the region. Of course, Cam'ron was simply referencing his Northeast drug run out of state. On the basis of "realism," Bow Wow gave Killa Cam a generous rating of 4 for "Get It In Ohio."

"Columbus to 'Nati; them towns I raped 'em
Few clowns was hatin', moved my pounds to Dayton
And in Akron, my n****s they would throw things
Not King James, these were coke kings."

Then he landed squarely upon his verse for "Yeaahh," for which he spared very few forensic details. For digging deep into his psyche, Shad had to hand himself a perfect score of 5. Say what you will about his subjective rating scheme; he did offer personal insight to go with his claims.

"Give a fuck about no hater and I'm all about my paper
Hit my n**** Gucci up, I'm 'bout to slide right through Decatur
We at Liv on a Sunday, then hit Magic City Monday 
And this ain't no #BowWowChallenge, got the jet on the runway"

The final draw conjured lyrics from artists such as Yung Berg, Royce Da 5'9, Stalley, Chris Brown, Soulja Boy and even longtime rival Romeo Miller, whom he feuded with while they were "lil" rappers. Let bygones be bygones.