Bow Wow is no rookie when it comes to random outbursts of venting on social media. From telling people to aggressively stay out of his business, to telling people that he's giving away all of his money, Shad Moss no longer surprises anyone when it comes to Twitter or Instagram shares. The latest to add to his bill of opinions comes from an Instagram Story update where the 31-year-old blasts "hoes" and men who just go for certain women for their looks.

"It's sad to see you hoes glow up for 2 months only to get dicked down then passed down and dropped off to where he found you," he wrote in his first story. "Talk about full circle. Got Damn!" 

Shad then tried to come through with facts, although we're not certain where his statistics are coming from. "90% of the hoes you ni**as lust over are 100% pure bums behind them IG posts. Big facts. Yall going for looks...what can the bitch do for you besides look cute? Can't stand no dumb ass woman."

His final share shouts out his seven-year-old daughter, Shai, and financee Kiyomi Leslie for being "no bum." It's unclear where this rant is coming from since it clearly doesn't have to do with personal issues with his woman.