Though Bow Wow has occasionally found himself on the receiving end of unsolicited laughter, we can't deny a simple fact. The young icon has been getting money since the era of MSN & AOL. From "Like Mike" to Beware Of Dog, the catalog runs deep. Bow Wow challenge be damned, few can dispute his longevity - rocky though his reputation may be at times. Yet people love to hate, and Bow Wow has managed to move reasonably well for a man consistently under the microscope.

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

If it weren't enough as is, he also happens to be a supporting player in 50 Cent's inner circle, which doesn't bode entirely well in the best of times. Just a few days ago, Fif made sure to have a laugh at Bow Wow's expense. "See if you didn’t act crazy you could have been at TYCOON now you stuck in London," laughs 50, alongside an image of a somber Bow Wow. Yet Shad was not to be deterred, making sure to clap back in a respectful fashion. "Hahahahaha motherf****** im getting this bag tho bro," he writes. "Yall turn up for me."

Though he may have been omitted from the Tycoon table, Bow Wow has managed to retain a place in both our hearts and the mainstream eye. Will the young legend ever fade?