TMZ has learned that Bow Wow lost his cool while on the set of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, the show which focuses on life thereafter for So So Def alumni. While shooting a segment for the television program, Bow Wow suddenly became enraged and directed his rancor at the cinematographer, damaging thousands of dollars worth of video equipment in the process.

The production team was shooting the segment on location at the Westside Cultural Arts Center, when the bust-up occurred. Sources that witnessed the outbursts say Bow Wow went from "cool and collected to a person no one recognized" at the snap of a finger. No one reporting from the scene has any knowledge of what incited Bow Wow's rage.

The rapper took out his frustration on three cameras, which he subsequently shattered against the ground. Insiders say Bow Wow got physical with anyone intervened in his violent outburst. Cops were eventually called to the scene, but it's unclear whether Bow Wow was booked on a misdemeanor. The production team was documenting a party held in Da Brat's honor after the cessation of her probation. Da Brat was evidently also present during the bust-up, and somehow likely involved. More on that later..