Thousands of people are making a living as "Instagram Models," a "profession" that continues to be on the rise as the photo-centered app remains a favorite among smartphone users. People spend their free time doing whatever they can to gain as many followers as possible in order to catch the attention of brands for partnerships—or of wealthy sugar daddies/mommas who don't mind paying a rent bill or two.

There are young people whose aspirations are to grow up and be the next Instagram model, but Bow Wow has a few questions about how these pretty face really make their money. He took to his Instagram Story to say that none of the IG models he's dealt with have had money for a ride home, let alone a luxury vacation like the ones that are all on their social media pages.

"You ever notice how the IG models take more vacays than the average? Like you got no car no home but in Dubai this week and Turks next week. Who be paying for this sh** and they never show the n*ggas they on vacay w/ tryna make it look like its all the girls. STOOOP IT." He continued, "Plane tix are 2K and up plus food plus hotel...We know yall not paying for this sh*t. Hell you ask me to pay for an Uber to get you home so I know you not busting 15,000$ on no trip! #GirlsGotItGood."