The world wants Bow Wow and Angela Simmons to end up together. They've got so much chemistry, which they seemingly have never lost from their days as child actors. Despite the public's wishes, Angela Simmons went and debuted her brand new man, who is not Bow Wow. 

Angela Simmons recently went public with her new boyfriend Daniel "Miracle Man" Jacobs, a 33-year-old boxer. People have been sending her nice messages as they get to know each other better, hopefully ending up in love one day, and even Bow Wow voiced his opinion on the new couple.

Taking to Instagram Live, the entertainer reacted to their new relationship, stating how happy he is to hear that his frequent co-star is doing well and noting that he probably wouldn't have been a great choice for her anyways.

"[It] wouldn't have been the right thing for her to do," said Bow Wow about Angela Simmons possibly getting with him in a romantic sense according to The Shade Room. He also said that he's actually a big fan of Jacobs, clarifying that he's still "outside" these days and it wouldn't be smart for Angela to roll with him.

What do you think of Angela and Daniel's new relationship?