B2Khave recently announced they're coming together to please their fans with a reunion tour. The group's members Omarion, Fizz, Boog, and Raz B, will be taking the road for the Millenium Tour next year, along with other artists. Although Bow Wow has been linked to B2K, as their trajectories of fame heated up about the same time, the rapper will not take part in the string of shows. Despite his history with the group, more specically with his collaborator Omarion, Shad Moss says that the project simply wouldn't be a good fit for him as a Hip Hop artist.

Moss seemed slightly unaware of the announcement when he gave a statement to The Shade Room. He congratulated his colleagues while insisting on their divergent lanes.

"I mean its all R&B acts," he said Friday (Dec. 21). "I think it's dope if it's true that O & them back but it's an all R&B tour. I wish them the best, [this] should bring back memories. It's good to see folks still working and people DO want to hear that good classic R&B music! It's a W."

The tour does, in fact, include R&B favorites like Pretty Ricky, the Ying Yang Twins, and Bobby Valentino,  ChingyLloyd, and Mario.