Bow Wow is opening up about his life as a father-of-two. The former 106 & Park host welcomed a child with Instagram model girlfriend Olivia Sky sometime in September, revealing his son's name as Stone Moss earlier this week. Bow Wow, née Shad Moss, already had a 9-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. In a recent interview with The Shade Room, the 33-year-old got candid about his experience with learning to be a family with his children's mothers, admitting that he learned from none other than Diddy himself. 

"My kid's moms, you see I don't even like to say baby mama or baby mother, my children's moms they can call me for anything and imma get it done if they out of town if they in Miami they need something, they wanna go out no matter what it is, if it's a function going on and they need to get in with they girls imma set it up sections done, bang there it is, we family. And I think that's important," said Moss, explaining the dynamic he has with his children's mothers. 

On how Diddy helped him become a better family man, the rapper said, "And I got that from Puffy, I learned a lot from Puff, he taught me a lot, being around him, watching him, how he moves and I'm always asking him questions like 'How do you do it? How, how?' And it's a blessing, and it works well when it's like that so it's family, it's a family affair." 

"Like I said, I love 'em both and I'm just happy I got two good ones on my side I'm done after this. No more for Bow Wow," he joked. 

Diddy is known for his massive hybrid family. He is the father of eight children including Justin Combs, Quincy Combs, and Christian Combs, and he shares them with three different women. Considering this, he likely had some great advice for Bow Wow.