People have been banging Bow Wow's line, asking him to come through on the next edition of Verzuz. Plenty of theoretical opponents have been called out, including Ja Rule, but the most frequent name that has been mentioned is Soulja Boy.

According to Bow though, we shouldn't be getting our hopes up for him to ever get on the platform, going on a tweet spree about why he's not down with it.

"NOT GONNA HAPPEN," wrote Bow Wow about a possible match-up against Soulja Boy. The man, who recently claimed that music was just a "start-up" for him to pursue his real dreams in television and film, continued by stating that he's got nothing against Soulja Boy. He's simply not down with the Verzuz platform as it pertains to him.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"I dont want to [battle]," he added. "No. Rather be getting money than playing songs yall heard a million times for an hour. I wish they would stop. Waste of time. Im not doing verzuz."

The 33-year-old went on to explain that, in his era, legends didn't need to remind people that they were legends. Thus, he's not down to do verzuz because people should already who exactly who the F he is.

"I come from an era where.. if you a legend .. you a legend. No need to remind folks. Im only 33 i got more work to do. A verzuz for me right now makes no sense," said Bow Wow. "Na... i was just part of a good era and music. I wasnt THAT important. Lot of big acts were dominating the 2000’s."

Do you think Bow Wow would benefit from Verzuz or is he making a good point?