Two of the most beloved child stars, Bow Wow and Omarion, set out to deliver a nostalgic evening to their fans across the nation. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, their Millennium 2020 Tour was cut off with short notice. Right around now, they would be closing out the busy tour schedule with a big bash at The Forum in Los Angeles. However, both rappers are under strict quarantine rules, with no future in sight for live shows to resume.

Instead of bringing a night of old-school memories to millenials around the country, Bow Wow may have other plans to scratch the itch we've been feeling, suggesting that he and his brother have some more plans for this year.

Bow Wow Omarion
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

At the top of 2020, Bow Wow and Omarion appeared together for their first interview together in years, hitting up Rap Radar on TIDAL. During the sit-down chat, they teased the eventual arrival of Face Off 2, and it looks like the duo of stars is nearing the official release. 

Taking to Twitter, Bow Wow hinted that, before the end of the year, he and Omarion would release another full-length collaborative project. Whether it will be the sequel to Face Off, or another album altogether, is yet to be detailed.

This has already been a memorable year for music -- both for great and horribly bad reasons. Could Bow Wow and Omarion contribute to even more of an impactful year?