No, that's not the King of the South... It's just Bow Wow looking a whole lot like the originator of trap music. Kicking off the new year, Shad Moss cupped a bottle of vodka in his hand, conversing with a beautiful model and having the time of his life. When he posted one memory from the night, the rapper/actor felt like voicing his mind to the people, telling everyone that, no, he does not look like Atlanta superstar T.I. Based on the fan reaction and comments to his photo though, nobody quite agrees with him.

JP Yim/Getty Images

It's become quite a trendy thing to head into Bow Wow's comments to troll the former child star after all of his "Bow Wow Challenge" moments, capping about private jets, luxury whips, and more. When it comes to his personal appearance though, there is no hiding the fact that he loosely resembles another recording artist that he has ties with. Especially when he's rocking a dark pair of shades. "I DONT LOOK LIKE TIP," yelled Bow Wow in his caption, urging folks to stop comparing the two rappers. Nobody really took his side.

"I thought this was TI at first," said one fan of the entertainer. "Legit was scrolling and thought you was T.I. fam," wrote another. Clearly, the people are not in accordance with Shad's declaration. Y'all think he looks like Tip or nah?