Bow Wow and Soulja Boy are good friends but they're having a good time attacking each other online ahead of their well-anticipated Verzuz battle. The two rappers have agreed to go head-to-head on the grand stage but before a date is announced for their showdown, Bow Wow and Big Draco are coming after one another on social media, continuing their Verzuz-fueled feud on Twitter this morning.

After Bow Wow told his fans that he was accepting questions in his inbox, Soulja Boy asked for some smoke, replying, "How you get so lame?" That got Shad Moss started, attacking the "She Make It Clap" artist's hairline with numerous photos and taunts.

"I dunno i should ask you! Have you seen your hairline lately?" asked Bow as a response. "Where this man hairline go... GOT DAAAAYUMN!"

He went on to post a second picture from a different angle, adding, "Soulja got them braids women get when they getting a sow in."

There still isn't a date set for Soulja Boy and Bow Wow's Verzuz battle but according to both sides, they're working hard on delivering an entertaining fight for the fans. So far, we've been eating with plenty of antics ahead of the showdown.

Who do you think will take home the W? Bow Wow or Soulja Boy?