Longtime friends Bow Wow and Angela Simmons are often teased about their relationship. The pair have a longstanding flirtatious history and could have once been a hip hop power couple, but they insist that they're just friends. Fans were rooting for Angela and Romeo Miller to make things official, but things took a turn and it's reported that they aren't even on speaking terms. 

Now that Romeo seems to be out of the picture, people are pegging Angela and Bow Wow with questions about their romantic future. Both seem to be open to whatever the future may bring, but in the meantime, they're content with playfully throwing jabs at each other on social media. Angela shared a video of herself and her son Sutton Tennyson Jr. as she attempted to do the TikTok dance to Travis Scott's "Out West" featuring Young Thug. It was all a way to promote Angela's TikTok, but things didn't go according to plan.

As the coronavirus has caused the world to self-quarantine and schools to be out of session for the next few weeks, Angela is making the most of her time. "Can’t leave us indoors lol 😂 told me I couldn’t use his giraffe and he meant it 😫😂," she wrote in the caption of her clip. "Hahahaha my mini mean bestie haha follow my @tiktok : angelareneesimmons1." Of course, Bow Wow slid in her comments to poke fun at her moves. "No rhythm having ass." Check out Angela Simmons do her best at keeping up with the TikTok dance steps below.