Not everybody gets the chance to make-out with a supermodel in their lifetime. Bow Wow has been lucky in that he's likely been with more than a few stunning models in his lifetime. His relationship status has been well-documented over the years and, despite the internet's constant need to clown the man, Shad Moss is one of the more talented, established figures in the industry. He does find ways to make himself an easy target though and his latest upload is an example of that.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

The actor/rapper's questionable behavior continues with his latest addition to social media, which is essentially a throwback to a moment most of us forgot even happened. Back when he was hosting 106 & Park, Bow Wow had Tyra Banks on the show and the two shocked the world when they locked lips for a few seconds, making out for the cameras and all the viewers at home. It turns out that, when he wakes up, Bow Wow still has the supermodel on his mind because this morning, he felt a need to remind us all that he had gotten with Banks.

"Thinking about @tyrabanks," typed the recording artist as his caption, sharing a photo of the infamous moment on his page. Do you think Tyra wakes up thinking about him sometimes or is this a one-way thing?