As we kick the New Year off, celebrities are still sharing photos from their own lavish parties. Some people, like Nicki Minaj, Future, and Lil Waynewalked away from NYE much richer while others opted for low-key family gatherings. Diddy, Jay-Z and Nas ended up in the same room as they celebrated New Year's and a photo of the trio has been circulating around the internet. Naturally, social media users decided to have some fun with the shot, adding in their favorite rapper to the mix.

Just a few weeks ago, Bow Wow got trolled when fans Photoshopped him into a picture with Jay-Z, Meek Mill and Fabolous. This time, the circle has somehow gotten even more iconic and of course, Shad Moss found himself in the photo. The Bow Wow challenge will never die.

The three rappers posed for a few pictures together, posting them to their own social networks later on in the week. The edited version plays on Bow Wow's now infamous post of a private jet that he found on Google. Fans have started to add Shad into the shot, editing him in front and center to troll the rapper once again. Hopefully, this never ends. It's just too good.