Bow Wow has been very active on social media lately, and most of it has been very worrying to his fans. He frequently makes posts that have blatant or thinly veiled references to suicide, and talks constantly about how he wishes he never existed

Despite Bow Wow's public calls for help, he seems to have been keeping himself busy, announcing an upcoming mixtape, Greenlight 6, and a new album, Edicius, as well. These albums have been continuing Bow Wow's dark trend, with the tracklist of Greenlight 6 containing some very depressing titles, and the fact that his album's title is just the word "suicide" backwards.

Today Bow Wow has taken to Instagram to do and given it a complete rework, without any explanation. Scrolling through his account, he's posted several monochromatic pictures, 3 at a time, to fill up the rows with pictures that match his aesthetic, as well as the people who currently inspire him.

Those people include: Tupac, Allen Iverson (his hero), Diddy (his inspiration), Jermaine Dupri (the only person who ever believed in him), Snoop Dogg (who had to remind Bow Wow earlier today that he'll always have his back), Nelly, and Wiz Khalifa. Also included are pictures of roses, notes of love and hate, and a black power fist. 

The whole thing looks like a mood board of sorts, and it would be a pretty cool concept if Bow Wow hadn't been openly posting about wanting to die. Hopefully this is part of the lead up to the release of Greenlight 6 in May, and not something much worse. You can see all the photos he's posted here.