Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta has been having some deep and drama-filled episodes as of late. The last clip from the show showed Bow Wow in a therapy session tearing up about the time he just 15-year-old and wanted to kill himself. “I didn’t want to be here no more,” Bow said when describing his feelings at the time “A lot of the emptiness comes from I feel like I lived too fast. I’ve seen everything too fast, ’cause at 15 I’m rich, I’ve done traveled the world, I’m selling out arenas. I seen what happened to Tupac, Biggie. You somebody when you gone. That’s when they appreciate you. I wanted to experience that. I wanted people to really love me.”

As for the upcoming episode, Bow is still emotional but not in a sad way. The former rapper shared a clip to his Instagram that shows him going through a fit of rage when the camera won't stop filming him. Bow realized his actions after the matter and explained himself in his caption.

"We all go through our dark moments! I was going through something and they kept filming me while I was going nuts," Bow wrote. "At this point of my life i was in a dark place. Looking in the mirror not knowing who I was.... no editing no nothing. I give yall an in depth look at what happened on this night!"