Boxing and other combat sports can be brutal at times. The very nature of these sports is to defeat your opponent by essentially, beating them up more than they beat you. These events can be fascinating and are some of the most popular spectacles in sports. While this may be the case, there is no denying just how violent these competitions can be. This year, two boxers have died in the ring following violent knockouts and this past weekend, yet another boxer faced a horrific injury.

Patrick Day was facing off against Charles Conwell in a middleweight fight. According to Complex, Day was knocked out in the tenth round by two huge punches to the face. The fighter was rushed to hospital and even suffered a seizure before undergoing emergency brain surgery. Now, the fighter is in a coma and is facing swelling on his brain.

Those in the boxing community have rushed to Twitter to offer their support for Day who is fighting for his life right now. After seeing two boxers pass away earlier this year, the world of combat sports has been through a lot. Day's injuries are yet another stark reminder of just how dangerous this profession can be.