These past few weeks have been a time of reflection for the NFL, who seem to be making a concerted effort to make up for their mistakes in the past. For instance, Roger Goodell has officially given players the green light to kneel during the National Anthem. In fact, Goodell and the NFL have pledged $250 million to the black community over the next decade. It's clear that the league is looking at making racial equality a priority, something that is made obvious with their push for Washington to change the name of the team. 

Yesterday, the league also announced that during Week 1 of the NFL season, the Black National Anthem will be played before every game. For those who don't know, the song in question is called "Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing" and has been highly regarded as the Black National Anthem, for quite some time now.

As far as the Washington and Black National Anthem news is concerned, it seems as though some people are actually extremely upset. The term #BoycottNFL has been trending on Twitter ever since last night, as many have voiced their displeasure with the league's decision. However, if you were to check out Twitter now, you would notice that most people using the hashtag are simply ridiculing those who are upset.

Check out the tweets below to see what people have to say.