Despite a stellar performance Sunday night, Bradley Beal and the Washington Wizard still couldn't pull out a win against the Chicago Bulls in their latest matchup. Beal managed to score a career-high of 53 points, becoming the first player to score at least 50 points this season in a loss as Washington conceded to Chicago 126-117. Overall, Beal went 15-for-27 from the field with 5-of-11 from the three, adding onto his thread as an integral part of the Wizards roster since John Wall has been out on a ruptured achilles.

Bradley Beal Washington Wizards

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

He now joins Gilbert Arenas and Bernard King as the only Wizards to have more than one 50-point game in franchise history. Since January 20, Beal has been the Wizards'leading scorer for 14 consecutive games, averaging 29.6 points per game this season. Within those games, Washington has a record of 7-7.

Beal has ranked fifth among all scorers in the league this season, only falling behind  James Harden (35.2), Giannis Antetokounmpo (30.0), Trae Young (30.0) and Damian Lillard (29.5) in points per game. Of those five, Beal was the only one not selected for last weekend's All-Star Game in Chicago. Still, his position with the Wizards caused him to be the only one out of the top 5 to be left out of the All-Star Game selection last weekend.