What a waste of Bradley Beal's prime. The 27-year-old shooting guard has played his entire professional career with the Washington Wizards, but he hasn't seen a lick of success with the team, who has struggled even more following John Wall's departure. The two matched up last night with the Houston Rockets coming out on top, and many are anticipating an upcoming trade request from Beal, especially considering the way he looked at the end of the game.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

A wave of empathy has been pouring in for Bradley Beal, who has been putting up extraordinary numbers in yet another lackluster season for the Washington Wizards. Averaging over 34 points per game and putting up a career-high 60 points at the beginning of this month, Beal's individual play has not resulted in success for the Wizards, who currently have the worst record in the entire league at 3-10. At the end of last night's game against the Rockets, Beal sat on the bench looking dejected, holding his head in his heads and seemingly praying for better days. His disappointment was captured on camera, with many understanding exactly why he was feeling so down.

"Bradley Beal looks like he is in hell," wrote one popular NBA Twitter page after the baller was seen looking defeated when a teammate air-balled an open three-pointer.

Do you think Bradley Beal should ask for a trade away from Washington so he could chase a ring?