It's safe to say Bradley Beal aint rocking with Kent Bazemore anymore. Over the weekend, Bradley Beal was having himself a monstrous 50-point game when he suffered a hamstring injury and was forced to leave the game early. The next day, Bazemore decided to take an unprovoked subliminal shot at Beal, praising his Warrior teammate Steph Curry for a game in which he did a similar performance as Beal but without getting hurt.

“Forty-nine points in 29 minutes, that’s unreal. We got guys hurting hamstrings to keep up,” Bazemore said while smirking. “Y’all gotta do some research on that.”

Well of course Beal got wind of the comments and didn't take them lightly, responding on twitter and calling Bazemore a “straight lame.”

“I don’t do the subliminal’s !!!!!!!” Beal said, before going onto @Bazemore: “@24Bazemore you don’t know me or shit about me bruh!!! You don’t know why I go out there and play and it damn sure ain’t for another man’s approval!!! You a straight LAME!!! But it don’t surprise me coming from you, thats what’s yo type do!!”

But that wasn’t all Beal had to say. Read his other tweet calling Bazemore to “shut yo ass up” below.