In the late 1990s to early 2000s, Moesha was the show to watch. Brandy already had a successful career, but she was catapulted into stardom after becoming a hit singer and sitcom star. Teenagers tuned in every week to keep with the fictional character and her high school friends, but now that Brandy has a teen daughter of her own, she says they don't sit down and revisit her days on television. 

Brandy has been promoting her Chance The Rapper-assisted single "Baby Mama," so the R&B icon recently spoke with PEOPLE about her new single. While talking about her forthcoming project, the outlet wanted to know if Brandy's 17-year-old daughter is aware of her mother's celebrity status and if the mom-daughter duo ever sits down and re-watch Moesha together.

"No, you know what? She's done her own search of who I am and what I've been able to accomplish," Brandy said of her daughter Sy'Rai Iman Smith. "Of course, she's aware of it. What I love about us is I'm just her mom and that keeps me grounded. It's all about her now. It's all about what she's here to accomplish and do and I'm just here to support her in that." Check out what else Brandy had to say about music and keeping in touch with her brother Ray J during these times of self-isolation below.