As the Internet expands and social media continues to bring us all closer together, more and more artists are able to attain widespread exposure, for better or worse. Not only are we introduced to new voices every year, progressively-minded veterans continue to join the digital renaissance as well, and there are those who distinguish themselves from the pack, leaving a greater impression than those who simply ride that first hit of virality. 

We couldn't include them all here, of course, and as such have chosen 14 artists we feel truly broke through in 2013. They've surpassed the hype, stayed consistent and show strong promise. 

Keep in mind, the artists aren't listed from best to worst - they're simply listed. Also, some of you may be wondering why artists such as Angel Haze, Travis $cott and Kirko Bangz haven't been included. Although they definitely had solid years, we don't feel they've quite broken through just yet. You'll most likely find them here next year. 

Read on, and peep last year's list here, if you wish.