Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black emergency medical technician, was murdered inside of her home after police barged in on a no-knock warrant. She was shot dead while she slept inside of her bed. Taylor was shot eight times.

Three months later, the officers who killed her have not even been arrested. 

As the public calls for justice for Breonna and her family, the Kentucky Attorney General is promising that, while there is no current timetable for the investigation, they will reach a "fair" conclusion.

Addressing the case today, Attorney General Daniel Cameron told Taylor's family and protestors that he is committed to seeing this investigation out until justice is reached.

Breonna Taylor
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

"An investigation of this magnitude, when done correctly, requires time and patience," he said. "We will do what is right. We will find the truth."

As the investigation is still ongoing, Cameron could not say much about it but he did state that they are looking through all the evidence thoroughly.

"I'd also like to say to all those involved in this case, you have my commitment that our office is undertaking a thorough and fair investigation," said the AG.

Breonna Taylor's murderers are still on the loose. Continue to push until they're arrested and charged.