Despite widespread protests and demands for action, the cops who killed Breonna Taylor have still not been arrested. With seemingly no repercussions coming from this tragic incident despite such a powerful public response, it can be easy for those interested in justice to get discouraged. 

Despite this large inaction however, Taylor’s family seems hopeful about receiving justice for Breonna after meeting with the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. While Cameron did not reveal if he’ll charge the officers responsible for Breonna’s death, her attorney Sam Aguir says Breonna’s mom Tamika Palmer left the meeting with a good feeling after seeing Cameron display serious interest in the case. 

breonna taylor

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Aguir says Cameron was well informed on the case and asked many questions about Breonna. He reportedly is seeking to learn more about her and plans to openly communicate with her family as the investigation proceeds. 

During the 45 minute conversation, Cameron also said he’s waiting for the FBI’s ballistic report, which he believes could help provide answers for some of the mysteries surrounding Breonna’s death and give him necessary info to interview new witnesses and reinterview old ones. 

The family’s current view towards Cameron shows a faithful shift from their response when he posted engagement party pics instead of charging the cops who broke into Breonna’s home and shot her eight times. We can only hope that Palmer’s optimism is well reasoned and we will finally see justice delivered for her daughter soon.