It's truly a testament to the times that we're no longer surprised by terrible news. It's disheartening that not much has changed after an intense summer of division and protests against police violence. It's even more heartbreaking that despite collective efforts and national visibility, Breonna Taylor's family continues to be denied justice.

Today, the Jefferson County grand jury announced it would be indicting former officer Brett Hankison on charges of first-degree wanton endangerment. Given that the mayor of Louisville declared a state of emergency last night ahead of the announcement, the shockingly minor charges become even more insulting. 

Hankison was only one of three officers involved in Taylor's killing and the three counts of wanton endangerment charges he faces are for endangering the lives of Ms. Taylor's neighbours. To date, there have been no charges related to the killing of Ms. Taylor. According to the attorney general, "the use of force [by the other two officers] was justified to protect themselves." 

Very understandably so, people are upset. Many users lamented the disappointing news but were unsurprised at the lack of accountability and the government's prioritizing of property over Ms. Taylor's life. According to one tweet, an attorney for the Taylor family pointed out that the charges only reflected the officer's endangerment of Ms. Taylor's white neighbours. 

Others pointed out the unfairness of the underwhelming legal retribution faced by the officers, with one user emphasizing that Taylor and her boyfriend were asleep when officers entered their home.

Angry residents have since taken to the streets of Louisville to protest the continued injustice in the wake of the announcement. According to some users, members of the National Guard have already been spotted, which is unlikely to ease tensions exacerbated by overpolicing. 

We will be sure to update you on this story as it develops.