There's no question the Philadelphia 76ers quickened "the Process" this year. The fact they picked in a lottery position in the 2017 draft was reason enough to think that any improvements would be gradual. Sure, they added role players, but even "rookie" Ben Simmons was a question mark going into opening night. The fracture that sidelined him for the entire 2017 season was not unlike other injuries altering the course of once promising careers. Alas he proved he could rise above it, and so did the rest of the team, finishing their season 3rd in their conference below a Celtics team they regrettably met in the second round.

76ers' coach Brett Brown made it clear he was proud of his players during his exit interview, a formality for all teams at season's end. Be that as it may, he doesn't think they stand a realistic chance of competing until they get some "help" from the free agent market. Without listing any names he may covet, Brown cited the team's fluid style, the projected growth of their star players, franchise culture and ownership's willingness to pay into the luxury tax, as reasons the Sixers could attract the best available talent, if general manager Bryan Colangelo deemed it in the plans.

Brown closed the discussion by reiterating his desire to be part of a winning culture: "At some point, when the time is right, I think we need help to win a championship, if that's the goal - and for me and us it is - then that's the answer I give."