Brian McKnight Jr. took to social media to lash out at his father, Grammy-nominated singer Brian McKnight, and his fans, for their blind support in regards to a private family issue this past Wednesday. The oldest son is seemingly fed up with people speaking on family matters and issued a public statement to his followers. 

"When it comes to my father. The proof is in the budding," Brian Jr. started . "If there are still people out there wasting their breath putting us down for speaking our truth, challenge them to question how they think they know our father better than us? Lol you know his body of work; we came from his actual nuts." 

The “Back At One” singer’s son continued the statement claiming that he would usually come for people who came at his family with malice, but he now “pays no attention to negativity and ignorance from people who are merely fans.” However, he concluded the statement on a positive note saying, “If last year showed us anything, there's so much to life. Back to the music."

Brian Jr. left out details on what actually happened to cause the feud between his siblings and his father, but fans speculate it is due to the fact that McKnight cut all of them off financially.

“Y’all grown, that man don’t owe y’all nothing!! He took care of y’all well into adulthood!” one fan commented.  

Another user followed a similar theme commenting, “His son always calls him out. Brian cut him off financially from what I remember a while back [and] he’s still bitter.” 

Do you think Brian McKnight’s son’s feelings are valid?