Sleeping with your favorite rapper just got a little easier, thanks to this unique and somewhat bizarre brand of hip-hop inspired pillows. A company with the hilarious name of "Soft Ass Rappers" has come up with a custom series of hip-hop themed pillows, each of which boast the face of one of the game's best and brightest. For $75 dollars, you can get your hands on one of ten pillows, featuring the likenesses of Drake, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, A$AP Rocky, Young ThugGucci Mane, Frank Ocean and Rihanna. With the exception of the Drizzy edition, which features a rendition of the infamous "Crying Drake" meme, each pillow is designed to copy the artist's signature facial expression.

The pillows are said to be comfortable as hell, made of 100% polyester and designed by Caleb Thomas. After the original batch was sold out in minutes at the Paris based store colette, you can now cop them at the official "Soft Ass Rappers" website. It might be the perfect Christmas gift you never thought you needed. What do ya'll think of this new line of merchandise? One has to wonder if the products are officially licensed. Is Gucci Mane getting the bag every time somebody cops his likeness? 

Either way, the whole idea is slightly comedic, but there's clearly a market of people willing to shell out $75 bucks on a novelty pillow, so props to Soft Ass Rappers for making their dreams a reality. In all fairness, the designs are pretty damn accurate, and the fact that they included a tearful depiction of Drizzy shows that they're charmingly self aware.

Check out the full gallery of pillows below, and if you're thinking of buying one (for a friend, of course), head on over to this link. Which rappers would you want to see featured in a second batch? My vote is Joe Budden