Today, December 13th will be a day many people in New Jersey will never forget. Earlier this morning, a Brinks truck was literally making it rain dollar bills on a busy highway. The result? People stopping their cars in the middle of the rush hour traffic and jumping out to grab as much as they could.

The chaos ensured around 8:30AM EST on Route 3 in Jersey when a Brinks truck was spilling money on the highway. Unfortunately, the spillage caused some severe car accidents and a massive traffic buildup, but there were a few lucky people who were able to get their hands on some cash. Denominations as high as $100 bills were seen scattered all along the road.

It’s unclear how much Brinks lost in total, but they did admit that the incident happened. "We can confirm that there was an incident with one of our trucks this morning, which we are investigating," Brinks said in a statement.

Many people have shared footage of the money-spilled highway online, which you can see for yourself (below). Take a look at some of the clips and let us know what you would do? You jumping out the car to collect or you avoiding an accident & keeping it moving?