There are certain things that just make you shake your head in disbelief. Thankfully, this is a joke but still, it's weird to watch a woman go through over four minutes of exchanging the strangest vows with her own dog.

Dogs are arguably the best animal companion for humans, greeting you at the door every time you come home from work and cuddling in your lap as you unwind at night. While we've heard about people wanting to marry their pets, we've never actually seen it take place... until today. As reported by Complex this week, a woman took to ITV's morning show to go through on her plan to "marry" her pretty pooch. Elizabeth Hoad, a British woman, is the proud owner of her beautiful Golden Retriever Logan. She and Logan apparently built a strong friendship and they mutually decided to spend the rest of their days together in wedded bliss so they hit ITV to make it official.

Their vows include going for "walkies" in the morning, taking care of each other if one of them happens to be a "sick dog" and more. Of course, if anyone objected to the ceremony, they would "paws" to hear them out. *sigh* Watch the strange event unfold below and just remember, this isn't actually real. This was thankfully staged.