In pop culture, Britney Spears is the gift that keeps on giving. Her antics may seem strange, especially on social media as she dances, does yoga, or spouts random messages to her admirers, but her fans continue to go the distance in showing Britney Spears support. They protest in the streets with signs, they cry on camera in viral videos, and they make sure that the Grammy Award-winning pop star knows that she's loved. However, Beyoncé fans had a bone to pick on Wednesday after Britney claimed that she was the "Queen B."

We're not sure if Briney Spears was doing a bit of trolling or if she truly was sending a shoutout to herself, but she shared an illustration on Instagram hours ago that has become the talk of social media. The photo is the image of a bee with a crown, and in the caption, she wrote, "To all my fans who call me Queen 👑 B …. I believe this would be more accurate 😉🐝🐝🐝🐝 !!!!!" 

The Beyhive had an issue with this one, considering Beyoncé has been known as Queen B for quite some time, and Lil Kim fans chimed in, as well. In everyday life, none of this truly matters to regular folk, but to those who call themselves stans of both ladies, the ongoing social media battle is a big deal. It's become a trending topic on Twitter at the moment as hilarious memes run rampant, so check a few of them out for yourself.