For a couple weeks this summer, Brittany Renner and PJ Washington were the talk of the internet. 

After Renner and Washington had a child together, everything seemed to fall apart, including Washington. 

The Charlotte Hornets' power forward claimed that Renner would not let him see his child, and after a series of concerning tweets, the narrative got out of hand. Between theories that Renner only had a child with Washington to receive child support money and speculation over just how much Washington was paying, the internet molded its own version of events, and Renner added fuel to the fire. 

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Proclaiming that it was "stepdaddy season," and then telling the parents of both the Carolina Panthers and students at Jackson State to hide their sons, Renner has been vocal about what happened between she and Washington, appearing on DJ Akademiks' Off The Record podcast and announcing that she has a new book in the works. 

Despite turning the social media saga into a legitimate press tour, Renner's Twitter fingers are never dormant long, and yesterday she couldn't help but take one more shot at the father of her child. 

After Atlanta rapper Money Man (who recently became the first artist to take their record label advance in Bitcoin) tweeted that he gave "100k to [his] bm" and "told her to go start a business or sumn," along with a screenshot of a $100,000 payment, Renner quote tweeted the post and flamed Washington. 

"This is awesome....too bad my BD is my biggest hater," she tweeted, along with three laughing-crying emojis. 

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